Santa Maria di Leuca

The coast of Santa Maria di Leuca overlooks the waters of the Ionian and Adriatic, between Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso.

The name Leuca derives from the greek “leucos” which means white and describes the horizon of limestone rocks that are a characteristic of the area.

In the town, the 47 meters high lighthouse of Punta Meliso stands out, it’s one of the most important lighthouses in Italy. The seafront, instead, is filled with Nouveau villas and elegant mansions.

At the foot of the lighthouse there is the Basilica of Santa Maria de Finibus Terrae, particular for its location overlooking the sea. A few steps away is the final part of the Apulian Aqueduct characterized by a monumental cascade inaugurated during the Fascist period and opened today only on rare occasions.

The Leuca coastline is part of the Regional Natural Park “Otranto Coast – Santa Maria di Leuca – Tricase Wood” and is famous for the natural caves accessible by sea.