Excavations of Egnazia

Egnazia was an ancient city in Puglia, near Fasano. It was the center of the Messapi on the borders between Peucezia (north) and Messapia (south), along the so-called threshold messapica.

The name comes from gnathia, as it was called in the Messapian language and subsequently Egnatia / Gnatia by the Romans and Egnatia / gnathia by the Greeks.

Now it’s in the province of Brindisi on the border with the province of Bari and a few kilometers away from Savelletri.

It is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Puglia thanks to the many findings of a special type of ceramic, characterized by a decorative style of the fourth and third centuries BC called “style Gnatia”.

The archaeological museum is located outside the site and collects the finds of the area from the Bronze Age to the Roman Empire.

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